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Half Buckle Carrier: Little Herringbone Pastel Rose, 100% cotton, jacquard

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Carrier Type
Ergonomically Designed Adjustable Carriers
Adjustment system of a lower panel part

Half Buckle Baby Carrier - ergonomic, adjustable carrier, combining the functions of a sling, tie carrier, and buckle carrier. 

All Kinder Hop baby carriers are recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as safe and healthy for the hip joints.

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Convenience and comfort thanks to tying the belts on the X


Adjustable and detachable hood


Panel width adjustment at the top and bottom


A more filled hip belt that relieves the parent's spine

Shoulder straps in this carrier convert into two wider sling straps providing the side stabilization of the baby's body. 

Half Buckle Carrier from Kinder Hop provides an ergonomic position of the baby's hips and the whole body. 

Smooth adjustment on each section of the panel makes it a carrier for the entire period of babywearing - both for a newborn and for an older child (from 3.5 to 20 kg). You can safely carry your baby in it, either in front of you or on your back. 


Reasons to choose Kinder Hop Half Buckle Baby Carrier:

  • The baby is as safe as in a sling - from the first days of life (from 3.5 kg) 
  • It's adjustable on each section, growing with the child - up to 3-4 years (up to 20 kg)
  • It provides ergonomic position and prevents dysplasia 
  • Soft padding around the child's legs ensures softness and pinch-free long walks 
  • Detachable collar - a unique Kinder Hop solution for even more precise panel height adjustment 
  • Detachable hood - protects from wind or sun, stabilizes the head during sleep 
  • For parents from size XS to XXL - wide range of hip belt and strap adjustment 
  • Comfort and pressure relief - padded shoulder straps and a stiffened waist belt 
  • Ability to carry a child on your front (tummy to tummy) and on your back
  • Durable and soft, extremely breathable combed cotton from Kinder Hop weaving mill 
  • Designed and hand-sewn in Poland 
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Every part of the carrier was made by hand and the fabrics used are certified – that’s why you can use it smoothly and efficiently for a long time. All carriers were made by hand in Poland whilst applying the highest quality standards. Every product comes with a 24-month warranty.

From size 68 to 110
From 3.5 to 20 kg

Handmade in Poland
24-month warranty

100% cotton woven in our weaving mill

Free delivery
30-day return policy

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