Ideas for Playing in the Garden

Ideas for Playing in the Garden

Playing outdoors is always the best way for the little ones to spend time, as well as a great stimulation of children's imagination. Having our own garden, we can enjoy it almost at any time. While the adults are busy with gardening and taking care of plants, the children can run wild freely. From an early age it is worth encouraging children to play actively in the yard, instead of sitting in front of computer screens, tablets or phones.


To make the time spent outdoors as enjoyable as possible, it is good to take care of a little support and have at hand a few proven accessories that will help with this, plus make it easier to stay organized and tidy. At Kinder Hop, all parents will find products that are characterized not only by a nice and aesthetic appearance, but also high quality of manufacture, reliability and extreme durability. So without a problem, they can withstand even the longest and craziest games in the garden, as well as be a great help on colder days.


The Garden - The Perfect Place to Play


What can you play in the garden? Anything your imagination tells you! Besides tag, jumping rope and playing ball, the classic game of hide-and-seek is a great idea. The Pow-Wow Children's Tipi, available in various designs, will be a great help with this. Such a tent is not only a good alternative for a hideout, but also an ideal attribute for another game, for example playing Indians. Every child will be delighted with a tipi also for another reason - most children dream about their own "base" and a tipi can successfully replace it. In such a hideout children can play, read books, draw, rest ... Each boy and girl can make a perfect place for themselves in the tent - just put in a soft, warm blanket and favorite pillows. 



The tipi can also be used with soft, colorful play mats, which can be lined with the bottom. You can use them on the terrace or while arranging a picnic on the grass, and every parent knows how much fun it is for the little ones to eat this way. They protect the child from the cold ground, provide comfort and help to create a perfect play area for the youngest. In case of infants, soft blankets made of 100% cotton will come in handy, as they shield from the wind and provide a comfortable nap outdoors.


To make it easier for parents to take care of younger babies and their older siblings at the same time, ergonomic baby carriers prove to be fantastic. They will allow you to have close to your heart a baby who needs to be carried or who is not walking yet, without giving up spending time with an older child. It is also a great support for mom and dad, who can combine the closeness with the child and doing their duties.


Organization During Garden Playtime


Probably every mother knows it: when leaving home (even if not too far and only for a moment), children immediately remember about all the things they must take with them. In a blink of an eye, one favorite toy car or a teddy grows into a large group of teddy bears, dolls, trains, airplanes or building blocks, and in the end we can hardly fit everything into two hands.



To make such transport of toys and their arrangement easier, it is worth to have handy, capacious and durable Teddy Toy Basket in different colors. Its additional advantage is charming and funny element - a teddy bear head, thanks to which it will be easier to encourage putting toys in it after finished playing. Such a basket can be easily carried so that your child has their favorite toys close at hand.

Family Evenings in the Garden


Slightly older children will love having a bonfire in the summer afternoon and evening. What child can resist the opportunity to roast sausages on a stick or listen to stories by the crackling fire? A real treat will also be organizing a sleepover, for example in a tent set up in the backyard garden (or even a tipi!). For such occasions, Dream Catcher Children's Sleeping Bags are perfect - soft, warm, with original patterns. They protect the little ones from the cold, provide comfort and convenience, and their decorative, funny ears will make both girls and boys love them. Reading stories together under the open sky, in a warm sleeping bag and a cup of hot cocoa will certainly be one of the most beautiful childhood memories.

 Despite appearances, spending time in your own garden doesn't have to end at the end of August. Thanks to soft mats, blankets or sleeping bags you can successfully enjoy playing outside also in autumn. All you need is a few accessories which will make this time more pleasant for children and their parents. Active time outdoors has all the advantages, and if you encourage your kids to get out of the house a bit, they will certainly discover that there are more opportunities for fun outdoors and it will encourage them to use their imagination.