Layette for Mom and Baby

Layette for Mom and Baby

Expecting a baby, pregnancy and the birth of the Little One is a special time in the life of every parent. At the same time, being a parent is a very responsible and difficult role. At the beginning everyone may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, advice and recommended products.

It is important to remember that no one is born with knowledge about parenting and everyone has to learn how to live with a baby. With time, young parents will understand the needs of the child, as well as their own. The first months are devoted to getting to know each other and learning to be together, every parent goes through such period. It is worth choosing products that will facilitate this path you follow together, and support you in every situation. The beginnings of motherhood involve many fears, and the number of products for moms and their children can be a bit frightening.

Luckily, you have nothing to fear, the support is coming!

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Dream Catcher Baby Sleeping Bag

When considering the comfort of the baby, we have to mention a multifunctional product which is the Dream Catcher Sleeping Bag. It was created for a wide range of use - at home, on a walk and on a journey. It is a soft and mellow sleeping bag, which wraps your child in a crib, baby carriage, car seat or in your arms. You can take it to hospital, so that after birth, your newborn feels comfortably and safe from the very beginning. Due to its size - 80 x 45 cm - it fits perfectly into the bassinet or Moses basket. It can successfully replace bedding and a swaddle blanket at any time of the year! Its soft filling perfectly insulates and keeps the baby warm, which means the sleeping bag can also be used as a play mat when the baby grows a bit.

The Dream Catcher sleeping bag also has special cut-outs for the seatbelts,  so it can be used in a child's car seat or stroller. You can successfully use it during doctor's appointments, for vaccinations, shopping or visiting your loved ones. 

What makes the sleeping bag even more multi-purpose, is the fastening and unfastening of the upper part, e.g. in warmer days.

Cotton Knitted Blanket

Both at home and outside, we should make sure that the baby is warm and comfortable. The right blanket can be used in many different ways and will provide your child with everything they need. Knitted blanket made of 100% cotton will come in handy since the first days of baby's life, during cuddling and getting to know each other. It is delicate for the skin, finished with a ribbed knit. It comes in several colors, you can easily match it to the interior, baby carriage colors or your own taste. The knitted blanket, thanks to its 90x65 cm dimensions, is perfect to wrap your baby. At the beginning, you can fold it in half, which gives a nice feeling of warmth and makes it easier to fall asleep. Over time, you will learn that the blanket is ideal for a baby carriage, car seat and crib. You can successfully use it at home, on a walk and when travelling.

In addition to knitted blankets, we especially recommend double-sided blankets made of cotton combined with soft velvet or velvet fabric. They come in two sizes: 50x70 cm and 100x70 cm. The smaller one is perfect for  a baby carriage or a bassinet as a warm blanket for the Little One.

Wally 3 in 1 Maternity and Breastfeeding Pillow 

Another product that will make everyday life with your Little One easier is a pillow for sleeping and breastfeeding. It is perfect during pregnancy, with time you will discover its further helpful features. Kinder Hop Wally 3w1 is the perfect support for tired back or swollen legs. You can use the pillow during breastfeeding, day and night - as a support for your tired body. It's also a soft and mellow pillow, resembling a fish tail, which is a perfect cover for the crib - fully safe for your baby. Thanks to the ribbons on the ends, the pillow can be tied to the rungs so that it does not move and disturb the sleep of your baby. It is made of cotton and velvet fabric, and filled with hypoallergenic silicone. 

It does not cause irritation, which is certainly important for mom and her newborn baby. In our offer, there are two color versions of the pillow, both neutral and suitable for any interior and gender of the baby.

Play Mat

We must remember that the first months of baby's life are the time of incredible development. We bring home a small, defenceless human being from the hospital, and with every day we get to know each other better. Before we know it, after a few months, our baby will be lifting their head, turning from side to side, and finally making first attempts to move on the floor. It is worth choosing the right play mat from the very beginning. It may seem to be an unnecessary product for a newborn - nothing could be further from the truth! At the beginning, you can use the mat on the bed. It will also be a perfect surface for the Little One focused on watching toys attached to the educational arch. Our double-sided mat is made of cotton and has non-slip elements, which prevent the mat from shifting during baby's first activities. The mat protects against the cold ground and provides the perfect space to play indoors and outdoors. It also has special loops sewn on the corners.

Thanks to the loops you can easily attach it to our Pow-Wow Tepee when your child grows up. It measures 107x107 cm and comes in several different designs so you can easily match it to your needs, your baby's age and the interior.

Traveler 2 in 1 Stroller and Shoulder Bag 

One of the products we recommend is a stroller bag. Choosing the right bag makes every trip easier. Sometimes you have to go out with your Little One to the doctor's office, sometimes you go shopping, visit relatives or have a longer walk around the neighborhood. There is no doubt that every outing requires necessary preparation and taking a few essential products. With a newborn, you need diapers, blankets, pacifier, extra change of clothes, sometimes a bottle or toys. In addition to all these items, we can't forget that the young mom also needs something for herself. Our Kinder Hop Traveler Bag will store all of the above and make your every short or long journey more pleasant. With up to 17 dedicated pockets, you can pack everything you need - for you and your baby. In addition to a bottle or diaper pockets, you will also find a pocket for your laptop or a spot to attach the keys.

The set also includes a folding changing mat, and the whole bag is sewn from waterproof, easy to clean fabric.

With such design, Kinder Hop bag can accompany you in different situations. You will fit in the necessary layette products for baby, snacks for yourself or an older child, and at the same time you will feel comfortable and stylish. Traveler 2in1 bag is also a great hospital bag, where you can fit carry-on things for yourself and the newborn baby.

Half Buckle Ergonomic Carrier

Many parents are afraid that the baby will change a lot in their lives. Certainly there are changes, but the little one does not have to limit your travels or trips. Both on trips and in everyday life, a baby carrier can be helpful. The adjustable Half Buckle model combines the functions of a tied carrier, a buckle carrier and a sling. In this carrier, the shoulder straps transition into two wide sling straps, providing a secure fit for baby's hips and lateral body stabilization. Smooth adjustment system makes this the perfect carrier for the entire period of babywearing - for a newborn and an older child. Depending on your own preferences, you can safely carry your baby in it, both in front and on your back. Half Buckle model means not only safety for the baby, but also for the parent. Foam on the shoulder straps and a padded hip belt relieve the pressure on your spine and provide comfort.

Thanks to the carrier, you can go for a walk, do some sightseeing, travel or do the shopping - having the baby with you all the time. Your baby will feel your warmth and closeness, and you can do all daily activities. The carrier is also a great help in putting a baby to sleep and a great alternative to a baby carriage which is not always easy to move around e.g. in a city.

The first moments with the Baby are very important for parents. We know how important is the comfort of a young mother, so we're reaching out to you  - with products that will support you as parents. They will help you to organize well, relax and have a good time with a Little Human that appears in your life. With such accessories as a capacious stroller bag, a breastfeeding pillow or a baby carrier, we want to

show you that both in everyday life and during trips you can count on our support. Gadgets such as baby carriers and breastfeeding pillows allow you to be close with your baby, while taking care of your health and comfort. Thanks to the bag, you will stop worrying when you leave the house, and the blanket will help to wrap the baby in any conditions.

While completing the layette, remember about the most important beings - your children and yourself. Your extraordinary adventure begins, and together, with the right accessories, you can go through it happily!

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