Dream Catcher (Light) sleeping bag Caramel Teddy in Clouds - 145x70 cm

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Outer: Plush Minky 100% polyester
Inside: 100% satin cotton
Filling: antiallergic silicone comb

The Dream Catcher Light sleeping bag from Kinder Hop is a kind of a mobile cot for your baby. The sleeping bag is a combination of a quilt, mat, pillow, and bed linen. It will be ideal for holiday trips, naps in a kindergarten, sleepover at friends’ and as a nest where your baby will find safety and create their own nook. Your baby will love it right away! 

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Highest quality certified materials


High-quality cotton prevent sweating


Additional insulation allows you to put the sleeping bag on the floor


When unfolded, it can be used as play mat

Dream Catcher Light Sleeping Bag

While creating the sleeping bag, our most important goal was to prepare a well-thought-out product with the most practical ways of use. The sleeping bag has a sewn-in zipper tape, which allows a baby to get inside in a very convenient way. When the zipper is fully unfastened, the sleeping bag changes into a comfortable large mat your baby can lie down on. 

Sleeping bags can be found in two versions, classic and Light. 

The Dream Catcher Light model is recommended for sleeping in the summer and as bedding for nurseries, kindergartens or other warm rooms.

Inside the sleeping bag, there is a special anti-allergic flexible filling. It provides extraordinary fluffiness, comfort, and thermal insulation. We assure you, once your baby is in the sleeping bag, they would like to stay there forever. 

The outer layer of the sleeping bag is a high-quality Minky fabric that is very nice to the touch. It is also durable so that the sleeping bag can be used successfully for several years. Inside we used high-quality cotton with a satin weave. This is a delicate and mellow fabric used in children`s sheets, among others. 

All materials used have been thoroughly tested by us. They are also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means that they are safe for the skin and do not contain any harmful substances.

Size of sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are available in two sizes - 120x60 cm and 145x70 cm.

The 120x60 cm size will be suitable for toddlers and preschoolers aged 1-4 years up to 105 cm tall.

The 145x70 cm size is ideal for preschoolers and older children aged 4-7 years up to 135 cm tall.

What to differentiate Dream Catcher Light? 

As opposed to the classic version, this sleeping bag is lighter, as it has a thinner layer of warming material inside, and in the area of the child's head - high-quality cotton to prevent sweating.

The Dream Catcher Light version of the sleeping bag does not have two pockets, as in the case of the classic version, to avoid the harder fabric layers touching the baby's body for even greater comfort and convenience during sleep. 

You can buy the classic version of the Dream Catcher sleeping bag here

Cleaning the sleeping bag

The sleeping bag can be machine-washed. Due to the materials used, it is recommended to wash it in a delicate program. The sleeping bag should be dried flat. The inner cotton part can be ironed with care for the Minky material; do not press the iron too much against the worsted filling so as not to compress it.

The whole of the sleeping bag was sewn in our sewing room in Poland with the highest quality control, so that you get a top-shelf product. 

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From 0 to 48 mc.

Handmade in Poland. 24-month warranty

100% high quality cotton 

Free delivery 30-day return policy

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